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Stock Pouches. New Spout Pouches for your brand.

Poucher deliver on quality and innovation with the revolutionary plant formed pouch. The latest pouches that are made with sugarcane fibres that are paving the way for a more sustainable future in packaging. 

Sugarcane pouches | Plant based packaging

Why choose Poucher?

Low Minimums. Get as little as 500 pieces.

Suitable for alcohols with 40% + ABV

Bringing plant powered sustainability.

Discover sustainable pouches made with sugarcane & other alternatives!

Information on packaging
Pouch packaging | Spouted pouches | Shop
70cl Black plant formed pouch
50ml frosted plant formed pouch
70cl frosted plant formed pouch
70cl black plant formed pouch
70cl black non plant formed pouch
Sugarcane pouches | How sugarcane pouches are made

How plant formed pouches are made

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