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"Who’s a good boy?”

The products you make for our beloved pets matter, they deserve the finest food, supplements, toys and treats (that’s your job). Our job is to develop, produce and deliver the most effective flexible packaging solution to preserve your pet treats whilst ensuring your pet food brand stands out among pet brands in a crowded pet shop. Whether you're in need of custom-printed packaging for dog treats, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, rodents, or even more exotic pets, Poucher offers top-quality pet treat packaging solutions that fit the bill (no pun intended). 

By working under the guidance of industry bodies such as PFMA (Petfood Manufacturers Association), PSC (Pet Sustainability Coalition), FEDIAF and PIF. We are ready to support the industry with the latest and most up to date information.

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Suitable for food, drinks and multiple other uses. Make sure you have the right specifications in order for our production team to quote for your pouches.

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