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Spouted Pouches for Alcohols

Spouted pouches or commonly known as refill pouches are now amongst many industries. This has recently included distilleries. Capabilities for higher ABV to be stored and poured with these pouches are a game changer for many.

Spout pouches for distilleries | Alcohol refill pouches

What is a spouted pouch ?

A spouted pouch for alcohol is a flexible packaging designed for holding and pouring alcoholic beverages. It's made from materials like plastic or foil and has a spout or nozzle for easy dispensing. These pouches come in various sizes, from single servings to larger containers. These pouches can be filled in numerous ways and with ease. One may try a filling line or perhaps manually filling into them.

They offer several advantages over traditional bottles:

Portability: Lightweight and easy to carry, perfect for outdoor activities or travel.

Durability: Less prone to breakage than glass bottles, reducing the risk of accidents.

Space-saving: Can be flattened as they empty, taking up less space in recycling or trash bins.

Convenience: The spout makes pouring precise amounts simple, without additional tools.

Environmental benefits: Some are designed to be more eco-friendly, using less material and producing less waste.

Overall, spouted pouches provide a convenient and practical packaging solution for alcoholic beverages, catering to modern consumers' needs for convenience and sustainability.

Poucher combine sustainability with true customization with pouches. This allows for a bespoke pouch that's completely tailored to your brand.

What are the benefits ?

During a distilling cost crisis, pouches arise as a valuable asset for distillers, effectively cutting down operational expenses including packaging, distribution, and warehousing costs. An example to this would be the minimum order of pouches (1000 pieces) compared to the same amount of bottles has a stark contrast. Firstly, the transportation of these pouches would be held on one pallet in just one truck. If you compare that to bottles - you would have to use over 20 transits from the warehouse location to your destination. This process alone reduces CO2 emissions.

This also ties into the next point. Pouches take up a very minimal amount of room compared to glass bottles. Storing a sizable quantity of pouches is much more beneficial for storage.

Darnley's Gin Refill Pouch

What materials are typically used ?

Spout pouches are typically made from a combination of materials, commonly including layers of plastic films such as polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), or polyester (PET). These materials are chosen for their flexibility, durability, and ability to provide a barrier against moisture, oxygen, and other external factors that could affect the quality of the contents. Additionally, the pouches may include aluminium foil layers for enhanced protection against light and air. Overall, the specific materials used in spout pouches can vary depending on factors such as the desired level of barrier properties, sustainability considerations, and compatibility with the contents.

So how is that more sustainable ?

Spout pouches are considered sustainable for several reasons. Firstly, they require less material to manufacture compared to traditional rigid packaging like glass bottles or cans, thus reducing environmental impact. Their lightweight nature also means they require less energy for transportation, leading to lower carbon emissions during shipping. Additionally, spout pouches can be compressed when empty, saving space in landfills and during transportation. Many of these pouches are made from recyclable materials, allowing them to be reused or repurposed after use, further reducing waste. Moreover, the production process for spout pouches typically requires less energy compared to manufacturing glass or metal containers, contributing to overall energy savings and a lower carbon footprint throughout their lifecycle. These factors collectively make spout pouches a sustainable packaging solution for various products, including food, beverages, and household goods.

Plant based pouches

The latest technological development at Poucher is the use of sugarcane! A spout pouch made from sugarcane typically refers to a packaging material derived from sugarcane-based bioplastics or bio-based polymers. These materials are produced using ethanol extracted from sugarcane, which is then processed into bio polyethylene (bio-PE) or other bioplastic resins. Spout pouches made from sugarcane-based materials offer similar properties to conventional plastic pouches but have the advantage of being derived from renewable resources.

sugar cane plastic | Plant based packaging process

Are these pouches recyclable ?

Yes, our plant formed pouches are predominantly kerbside recyclable! For non plant based pouches these can be recycled via the soft plastic waste stream through either #4 or #7 waste streams.

Putting your mind at ease

With BRC (British Retail Consortium) approved production, we’ve set a commitment to meet the highest global standards of food safety and quality. (Accreditation pack available on request) Production is strategically located to provide your distillery with local and cost effective solution. We're dedicated to the safety of our customers and yours.

The shelf life of these pouches are 3 + years. Our materials are robust and stand the test of time once filled with your liquid gold!


Examples of distilleries who are now using refill pouches through Poucher

6 0'clock Gin

"Here at 6 O’clock Gin we are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint whilst maintaining product quality. By choosing to refill your London Dry glass bottle with this pouch you will help you to reduce associated CO2 emissions by more than 90%.

The liquid inside is the same great tasting gin you’d expect from us, made to the same high standard, only it’s a bit kinder on the environment.’


"By chosing Kintyre Gin, you are already supporting a climate positive business and now you can go a step further with our handy refill pouches.

Pour the pouch into your empty Kintyre Gin bottle then send it FREEPOST with Royal Mail, and it will be recycled.  A great way to reuse your Kintyre Gin bottles and do your bit for sustainability."

Darnley's Gin

"Our Darnley's Gin pouches can be popped straight in the post back to us (no envelope required!) and we'll recycle them for you for free. We have introduced this packaging to actively reduce the levels of  harmful CO2 released during the production of glass and we hope you can join us on our mission in favour of all things sustainable."

Take a look at our gallery of projects for distilleries who are using refill pouches across the United Kingdom

Are you looking to move towards sustainable refill options with spouted pouches for your alcohol?

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