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Is sustainable packaging the way forward for ditching glass bottles?

Updated: May 3

Poucher are dedicated to a more sustainable future when it comes to packaging for a wide variety of industries. One less expected would be the distillery/alcohol sector one may have previously thought, but with Poucher - there is a surge in efficiency for such businesses getting their product shaped into something that can save money, reduce space needed for inventory and a dramatic decline in their C02 emissions. Read on to find out more.

As more distilleries are seeking guidance for sustainability within their means of production to delivery products to their customers in the UK & internationally. Although glass bottles are key to distilleries in this day and age - refill pouches have become a widely suitable sidekick. At Poucher, there is transparency in your product and a statistical advantage that is provided to show just how much your company is reducing its emission's and keeping its sustainability commitments. This comes in from real time data based on your companies production - all the way from how and where the glass is produced - all the way to the end of the finished product(s).

Emissions reduction calculator at Poucher for commercial use

5L VS 7 bottles - indication. This is an example of data retrieved for the difference in emissions between pouches and bottles.

At Poucher we make it paramount for your business to be able to rely on credible data. In line with Anti EU greenwash regulations with proof to your customers. Led by environmental science based technology and research.

The key benefits to your businesses making their commitment to sustainable packaging outside of government legislation.

  • Refresh: Leverage customer insights and industry best practices to update packaging designs.

  • Transport: Improve pallet efficiency and pack-to-product ratios to reduce emissions and transportation costs.

  • Materials: Use sustainable materials with lower life-cycle emissions.

  • Circularity: Optimize waste management by reusing and recycling materials.

  • Use Less: Reduce packaging, including secondary and tertiary use, to minimize overuse.

  • Low minimum orders

  • Cost effective

Poucher's goal is to supply bespoke packaging that doesn't cost the earth (pun intended). The aim is for transparency for your businesses and for your customers, many of which may be actively involved in or consciously aware of the environmental impacts of themselves and their consumption.

Spouted flexible pouches for alcohol packaging

There are multiple types of flexible pouches, including spouted pouches, stand-up pouches, gusset pouches and more.

For alcoholic drinks the predominant pouch is the spouted pouch, which enables the distiller to fill their drink into the pouch at the right cl/ml/L that they require.

Printed pouches are one of the most sought after pouch in this regard, as most distillers would want their brand to reflect what they do.

What is right for you ? Spouted pouches or glass bottles ?

Whilst we understand glass bottles are the prime mover in the distilling industry in terms of packaging - if you answered yes to spouted pouches as a strong alternative then you are within good hands.

Where can I get spouted pouches and how do I proceed with printed pouches ?

Look no further, Poucher are experts in refills and will accommodate the very beginning process to help small to medium and big businesses get started with Pouches.

Talk to one of our experts or have some time investigating and tailoring your order.


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