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Parker Baits | Poucher Case Study

Updated: Jul 11

Quickly mastering the bait business

In the vibrant world of carp fishing, where each lure has a tale to tell, Angler's Tom and Ben Parker shine as a symbol of innovation in the industry. Established in 2021, Parker Baits are the fastest growing UK based baits company, creating exceptional fishing baits that have made waves in countries worldwide.

Specializing in both B2B and B2C markets, Parker Baits aren't just about selling baits; it's about enhancing every fishing experience, one superior bait at a time. The owners, Ben & Tom, got fed up with paying through the nose for poor-quality bait that didn’t perform, so they decided to make their own. The higher quality and more nutritionally rich boilies/bait led to much better consistent results on the bank.

Transitioning to recyclable, waste-formed packaging

Parker Baits originally contacted us back in 2022 to assist in transitioning their packaging from less sustainable materials to more eco-friendly, recyclable pouches. In this latest development, we've gone even further.

As developments in sustainable materials become more aware to businesses and brands alike - Parker Baits expressed a desire to transition to a more stable flat base pouch. By utilizing our waste-formed material, we've integrated PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) content into the pouch while maintaining its recyclability. This means Parker Baits now has a pouch that:

  • Is made with recycled material

  • Can be recycled again

Just as you release a carp back into the water after catching it, creating a natural cycle, it made sense to incorporate this circularity into Parker Baits' packaging.

Printing Capabilities & Design

Producing the pouches in a box based format gives the pouch 5 printable panels meaning more chance to get branding and important brand messages across to the customer. This includes the front, back, side gussets and the base. The image below was captured with light shining through the side gusset to demonstrate the quality of print.

Parker baits | Eco packaging | UK baits packaging


Parker Baits are invested in sustainability, as more brands are becoming eco conscious. Our earlier work with Parker Baits had been with recyclable packaging, but with the latest developments and technologies, we have produced Parker Baits a pouch made with waste formed materials, utilising recycled content and keeping plastic out of landfill.

Finishes & Premium Quality

There is no lack or compromising with these Parker Baits pouches. As you can see the windows of the pouch have been achieved whilst keeping the black opaque throughout. The window itself is clear and clean unlike many other pouches with matte finish.

The smooth soft matt finish on the exterior of the pouch allows for additional touch and compliments the contrast of colours used for this design.

From stand-up pouches to flat based pouches with more panels, allowing for a more robust but also premium look to the pouch.

Eco friendly baits packaging | UK packaging partners | Poucher

Easy to use, Easy to re-seal.

To ensure superior quality, laser scored tear notches were added to avoid any frayed edges and difficult openings. The pouch also benefits from a reseal element, which allows the baits to remain as fresh possible within the pouch after initially opening.

Tear notch pouch | Resealable baits packaging | Poucher


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